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Preschool or kindergarten aged children coloring on white paper on living room table.

For teachers, students, educators and parents

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Custom Teaching Packages

Need a Custom Resource Package?

We love supporting YOU!

Are you teaching a split grade? Prep Coverage?

Specific Kindergarten Pillar?

We can make a teaching package that fits your needs and your learners needs.

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Pre-School Program

Everything you need here for pre-school

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Back to school essentials

Must haves for teachers this year

Sweet Little Learners: What we value

Primary Education is Our Passion
Homeschooling and School Resources

Benefits of our programs

The correct curriculum, scope and sequence

Each month of kindergarten has been planned out for you by two qualified professionals with over 30 years experience. Contents are delivered in the proper sequence and scope and all activities are linked into the curriculum.  

Minimal prep and Ultimate Convenience

You will have the convenience of pre taped lessons and written lesson plans.

  • Clickable Lesson Cards: With just a click, access pre-recorded lessons led by experienced teachers. Watch as the teacher guides you through each step, offering valuable vocabulary, strategies, and hints along the way. Perfect for homeschooling or for new teachers seeking guidance in delivering effective kindergarten lessons.

  • Lesson Plan Cards: Step-by-step lesson plans in printable format. Simply print and follow along, eliminating the need to write out plans from scratch. Ideal for those moments when you need a quick lesson plan or when you have a supply teacher covering your class.

All supporting educational videos have been carefully selected. Just press play and let the learning begin! 

Differentiated Learning

Each day, week and month flows together and is designed to carefully to  implement key learning aspects incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques. This is differentiated learning at it's best! It is important that all Learners have an equal opportunity to be creative and learn through play, inquiry and by hands on activities. 

For everyone who loves learning

Evergreen lessons are designed to
support parents, teachers,
and students - just press play!

Check out the client love we've received from our happy customers!

Thank you Sweet Little Learners – A plus! Blown away by how many goodies are packed into your bundles of learning. From lesson plans to center ideas and sensory recipes to booklists and report card comments, there is so much value! I really like that each lesson is given to you in two ways: written form and video presentation, so I can choose what option fits best with how I learn! A blank template is also provided so I can get creative with the lesson and add my own personal teacher flare! As an educator, I understand that my students have differentiated ways of learning, and that doesn’t stop just because I’m now the teacher! I love the written lesson plan because I can print and go! Perfect to have in my supply binder, too. And I like the video presentations for each lesson because I can see what it looks like in action! The video presentations of each lesson are a great help for newly graduated educators with flow of the lesson, prompts, timing, vocabulary, etc. Highly recommend!
Katie Mullis
I was a mom who was very undecided about an online learning program, especially for kindergarten! Due to the logistics, it became a best option. Now I can honestly say that it was the BEST decision.
- Glennell
I was successfully able to purchase the first three months. This looks amazing - Of course I will add content based on our learners but it really will be an awesome resource. Thank you ladies!
- Kalee
Thank you so much for creating these wonderful resources! I am an Ontario K teacher and am using the October content every day. It makes my weekly planning a breeze.
- Jenn

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