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Who we support

These evergreen lessons are designed to support homeschool, parents, caregivers, teachers and early childhood educators in the classroom, at home and in pre school systems.

Freedom in learning


We are here to support you in your delivery of an awesome, dynamic inquiry and play based kindergarten program! Finally, A turn key, expertly planned, full year program that ticks all of the curriculum boxes and leaves you with the freedom to teach and engage with your Little Learner. 

Elementary school aged student learning from textbook with the help of mother or teacher.

For teachers

We will help you plan and deliver a rich kindergarten/primary program to both year one and year two students. We understand that the classroom is busy and full of learners of all different abilities! Our program allows you to focus on your students and supporting them as they learn and grow! 

Young girl playing with her father.

For parents

Support at home education with these pre planned online resources that teach your little learner as if they were at school. The year one and year two curriculum is covered in our programs. Our program is turn key, very minimal prep and uses resources found in most households! 

Elementary school aged child standing outside wearing a maroon hat and yellow sweatshirt.

For students

Foster your student's learning through Minds On activities that promote critical thinking and conversation. Every lesson has been carefully planned by us! Certified primary educators who have taken what worked best in the classroom and online to keep student's curious and engaged. This program is kids approved! 

Mother holding a book while her children look at her.

Just press play

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through our pre taped lessons and interactive activities. Our supporting videos are carefully chosen! We have done the homework for you and the prep work! Now you can focus on teaching and supporting your little learners. 

Wow! Thank you so much Paula and Trish, the clickable cards are awesome and I really feel less stressed now about starting Kindergarten for the first time! I am so happy I found you!
- Rachel
He could not wait to get up and see what was posted for Minds on! The missions were his favourite! Thanks to Paula and Trish for making learning fun even though we weren't in class but on a screen.
- Tracy
I was a mom who was very undecided about an online learning program, especially for kindergarten!
Due to the logistics, it became a best option. Now I can honestly say that it was the BEST decision.
- Glennell

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Your learners’ preschool and kindergarten years are extremely important in building a strong academic foundation and to create and foster a healthy attitude and love towards learning. With the current climate in the world we live in today, there has been a significant shift away from learning in the classroom...

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