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Kindergarten Monthly Lesson Plans - Full Month of Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Activities- Ontario FDK Kindergarten and Ontario Homeschool



Introducing our comprehensive lesson plan package designed specifically for kindergarten teachers, homeschoolers, and those new to teaching kindergarten! This all-in-one resource is packed with everything you need to deliver engaging and effective lessons to your students. Let's explore what's included:


  • Clickable Lesson Cards: With just a click, access pre-recorded lessons led by experienced teachers. Watch as the teacher guides you through each step, offering valuable vocabulary, strategies, and hints along the way. Perfect for homeschooling or for new teachers seeking guidance in delivering effective kindergarten lessons.


  • Lesson Plan Cards: Step-by-step lesson plans in printable format. Simply print and follow along, eliminating the need to write out plans from scratch. Ideal for those moments when you need a quick lesson plan or when you have a supply teacher covering your class.


  • Read Aloud List: A carefully curated list of engaging and relevant books that complement the learning skills and big ideas covered in each lesson. Enhance your students' literacy skills and foster a love for reading.


  • Centres List: A compilation of exciting and educational centers to incorporate into your monthly curriculum. These centers will provide hands-on experiences for your students, promoting exploration, creativity, and critical thinking.


  • Sensory Recipes: Get ready to engage your students' senses with our collection of sensory recipes. From playdough to slime, these recipes will add a tactile and interactive element to your lessons, making learning even more memorable.


  • Printables and Worksheets: While our focus is play-based learning, we understand the need for some printables and worksheets. You'll find a selection of high-quality resources to support your lessons, ensuring a balanced approach to instruction.


  • Bonus Materials: As an added bonus, we provide extra materials to enhance your teaching experience throughout the month. These resources could be additional activities, templates, or helpful tools to support your lessons and classroom management.


"Thank you Sweet Little Learners – A plus! Blown away by how many goodies are packed into your bundles of learning. From lesson plans to center ideas and sensory recipes to booklists and report card comments, there is so much value! I really like that each lesson is given to you in two ways: written form and video presentation, so I can choose what option fits best with how I learn! A blank template is also provided so I can get creative with the lesson and add my own personal teacher flare! As an educator, I understand that my students have differentiated ways of learning, and that doesn’t stop just because I’m now the teacher! I love the written lesson plan because I can print and go! Perfect to have in my supply binder, too. And I like the video presentations for each lesson because I can see what it looks like in action! The video presentations of each lesson are a great help for newly graduated educators with flow of the lesson, prompts, timing, vocabulary, etc. Highly recommend!"

- Katie Mullis FDK Teacher

With our comprehensive lesson plan package, you'll have all the resources you need to deliver engaging and effective lessons in a stress-free and time-saving manner. Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of planning and hello to a well-structured and enjoyable learning experience for you and your students. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!