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Math Story- Kindergarten Math Story plus Lesson Plans and Activities- Math Concept- Counting UP

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Sweet Little Learners proudly presents the second book in our innovative series designed to teach essential math concepts to young minds. "Counting Adventures with Kiki and Suki" is a digital storybook created specifically for interactive learning experiences.

This delightful book, available in Google Slide format, is perfect for engaging little learners both in classroom settings and at home. 

"Counting Up with Kiki and Suki" invites children to join the delightful characters, Kiki the Kangaroo and Suki the Koala, on an educational escapade. This beautifully illustrated book is designed to captivate the minds of young readers, guiding them through the exciting process of counting from any number up to 20.

What's Inside:

  • Engaging Narrative: Follow Kiki and Suki as they explore their vibrant world, counting everything from colourful butterflies to twinkling stars.
  • Interactive Learning: Each page offers a new number to start counting from, encouraging children to actively participate and develop their counting skills.
  • Vibrant Illustrations: The book is filled with lively and colourful illustrations that are sure to grab and hold the attention of young readers.

Educational Value:

  • Enhances Counting Skills: Tailored for kindergarten and early elementary students, this storybook is a fantastic tool for teaching children how to count from various starting points up to 20.
  • Develops Number Recognition: As children read along, they'll enhance their ability to recognize and understand different numbers.

Bonus Educational Resources:

  • Two Comprehensive Lesson Plans: The book comes with two well-structured lesson plans, providing educators and parents with effective strategies for teaching counting skills.
  • Creative Centre Ideas: Also included are innovative ideas for learning centers, offering engaging activities that reinforce the concepts taught in the story.

Ideal for kindergarten and early elementary grades, this digital storybook is a must-have for any educator or parent seeking to enhance their math curriculum in an engaging and innovative way.

Grade Levels

1st - 3rd and Homeschool



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Activities and Printables

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