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Sweet Little Learners Mission

Our mission is to up impact the way children learn. We have created lessons to suit your Early Years needs.  These lessons can be implemented in the classroom, your own home or when travelling.  We have focused our experiences on  Year 1 and Year 2 of Kindergarten covering all the milestones for Grade 1.  You won’t find worksheets on this site, what you will find are innovative hands on ideas that can engage a classroom or your child anywhere in the world.  We are so excited to share with you what works…kids approved.  

Meet the founder: Paula Haick


After teaching in the public board for over 20 years and teaching  grades 1-8. I have chosen to focus on teaching kindergarten. My passion is little learners. I love seeing "light bulb" moments and helping my students navigate through their first years of school. My goal has always been to keep education fun and engaging. It is the early years that set the foundation for their mindset and curiosity for learning! The way I present the information has to be creative and engaging, it is because of this philosophy that I am able to reach hundreds of children over the course of my career and with the program I hope to reach hundreds more! 

What we do


Welcome and Hello! With over 20 years experience in primary education, I have carefully chosen the best of the best when it comes to programming for an inquiry and play based learning year. This is my PASSION and I am so excited to share this program! I'm are here to support you in your delivery of an awesome, dynamic inquiry and play based kindergarten program! Finally, A turn key, expertly planned, full year program that ticks all of the curriculum boxes and leaves you with the freedom to teach and engage with your Little Learner. 

Canadian and US curriculum

The program covers the 4 pillars of the Ontario Curriculum: Literacy and Numeracy Behaviours, Self Regulation and Well Being, Problem Solving and Innovation and Belonging and Contributing. This program covers the US Kindergarten Common Core Standards. 

Our program is kid approved

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, either online or in a classroom. All activities have been LOVED by students and are designed for all levels of understanding. Little Learners love to be active and cannot sit still! We know this! We have planned a highly engaging activities!  

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