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September STEAM Lesson Plans & Report Card Comments: Pre-K to Grade 1 for Ontario FDK & US Common Core Standards



Kickstart the School Year with Essential STEAM Challenges for Kindergarten!

Dive into the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) with specially designed challenges perfect for young learners. STEAM activities offer kids an enriching and enjoyable way to explore, discover, and create, helping them develop essential skills early on.

🔢 Lines & Shapes: Through playful activities, kids learn about lines and shapes, enhancing their understanding of basic geometry and artistic expression.

🌴 Storytime Fun: Based on popular children's stories, activities like our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom challenge blend reading with hands-on projects, fostering both literacy and creativity.

🌀 Discover Motion: Kids can create simple objects like spinners to grasp the basics of motion, teaching them early physics concepts in an engaging manner.

🍎 Balance & Structure: Through fun challenges, children understand balance and weight, foundational concepts that boost their problem-solving skills.

🌟 More STEAM Adventures: With a variety of additional activities, kids can explore a wider range of topics, ensuring they benefit from a holistic STEAM education.

📝 Ready-to-Use Materials: We've listed all the necessary supplies, making it easy for educators and parents to organize and facilitate these activities.

Curiosity-Driven Learning: Each challenge comes with questions that ignite kids' curiosity, encouraging them to think, question, and reflect.

Benefits of STEAM for Kindergarten: STEAM education in kindergarten lays the groundwork for critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It nurtures a child's natural curiosity and encourages hands-on learning. By integrating the arts and sciences, STEAM offers a well-rounded educational experience, ensuring kids are prepared for future learning adventures.

📚 Curriculum Connections/ REPORT CARD COMMENTS : Our challenges are designed to align seamlessly with curriculum expectations, ensuring a cohesive and meaningful learning experience.

📄 Template for Documentation: We provide a handy template for documentation, allowing you to easily track and assess student progress throughout the challenges.

Start the school year with excitement and engagement using our STEM plus ARTS Challenges! Foster curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in your classroom.

🚀 Explore the STEM plus ARTS Challenges today!

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