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Learning in the Early Years has Evolved

Learning in the Early Years has Evolved

Your learners’ preschool and kindergarten years are extremely important in building a strong academic foundation and to create and foster a healthy attitude and love towards learning. With the current climate in the world we live in today, there has been a significant shift away from learning in the classroom. With more and more parents turning to homeschooling, learners are benefitting. Homeschooling is appealing because of its’ flexibility and ability to match the pace of lessons to your learner’s specific needs and learning style. Families can work around their daily schedules and fit learning in when it is a good time for them.  Deciding to homeschool your learner is the first step, but now what? Many questions arise when planning a homeschooling program. Parents want to make sure they are teaching their learners exactly what is taught in the classroom. Parents also know that their little learners need engaging, stimulating lessons to keep their focus. Studies show that lessons that are more than fifteen minutes are too much for our little learners and they no longer retain the information being taught. Lessons at Sweet Little Learners are short, fun and exploratory in nature: a hands-on-get-dirty-kind-of-learning! Learners under the age of six have an absorbent mind and it’s best to keep your learner moving, learning in context and transforming playtime to instill significant cognitive abilities, motor abilities and skill. The Sweet Little Learners program is designed by two experienced teachers with over thirty years of experience. The program is created to empower parents to teach their little learners confidently and with peace of mind. All the hard work is done for you – just click and play! The learner-approved lessons address all levels of learning and are pre-recorded, meaning you can replay the lesson as many times as your little learner needs, and you can play them when it is convenient for you! Each day you get four lessons, a materials list, supporting worksheets and activities page, curriculum connections, read-aloud lists, center ideas and assessment templates. It couldn’t get any easier for quality education at the press of a button. You can trust that your learner is getting everything he/she would receive in the classroom, right at home!