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"I Spy Alphabet Book and Mats - Colour Mats, Shapes Mats, Initial Sounds Practice | Kindergarten Learning Activities"


Introducing "I Spy Mats and More" Kindergarten Activity Pack!

Are you looking for engaging and interactive activities to enhance your kindergarten learning experience? Look no further! Our "I Spy Mats and More" activity pack offers 70 pages of fun-filled learning opportunities for your students. With a variety of activities focused on colors, shapes, alphabet recognition, and beginning sounds, this pack is designed to captivate young minds and foster their love for learning.


  1. I Spy Mats for Colors: Help students develop color recognition skills as they search for and identify various objects of different colors on the mats. These mats are perfect for individual or group activities.

  2. I Spy Mats for Shapes: Engage students in shape recognition as they explore and identify shapes hidden within the mats. This hands-on activity promotes shape awareness and critical thinking.

  3. I Spy Alphabet Book: Dive into the world of letters with our interactive alphabet book. Each letter is represented on two pages, featuring engaging illustrations and captivating I Spy challenges. Students will enjoy searching for objects that begin with each letter.

  4. Find the Beginning Sound: Enhance phonics skills with our "Find the Beginning Sound" activity. Students will practice identifying and matching pictures to their corresponding beginning sounds. This activity promotes letter-sound association and vocabulary development.

  5. Draw or Find 4 Objects: Encourage creativity and critical thinking with this activity. Students are challenged to draw or find four objects that begin with a specific sound. This activity reinforces vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and fine motor skills.

  6. Laminate and Reuse: Our activity pages are designed to be laminated, allowing for repeated use. Students can use dry-erase markers or manipulatives to complete the activities, making them versatile and durable.

  7. Multiple Uses: Our mats can be utilized in various ways, such as playdough mats, stamping activities, or find-the-room hunts. The possibilities are endless, providing endless opportunities for engagement and learning.

  8. Bonus Blank Mats: Customize your activities with our bonus blank mats. Tailor the activities to suit your classroom needs or create your own unique challenges. The blank mats allow for endless creativity and flexibility.

With "I Spy Mats and More," your kindergarten classroom will be filled with excitement, exploration, and learning. Get ready to witness the joy and enthusiasm as your students dive into these engaging activities. Order your pack today and unlock the potential of interactive learning in your classroom!

Grade Levels

PreK - K and Homeschool


Balanced Literacy and Writing


RF.K.1d, RF.K.2, RF.K.2b, RF.K.3, and RF.K.3c

Resource Type

Homeschool Curricula, Activities, and Printables

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