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Letter 'P' Inquiry for Kindergarten: Sweet Little Readers' Learn to READ Program- Science of Reading



Sweet Little Learners: Letter 'P' Inquiry Package

Dive deep into the world of the letter 'p' with our comprehensive inquiry package tailored for inquisitive little minds! At Sweet Little Learners, we understand that the foundation of reading and writing begins with a strong grasp of each alphabet letter, both in recognition and sound.

Package Highlights:

  • Structured Lesson Plans: Receive 4 meticulously crafted lesson plans that guide young learners through the journey of letter and sound recognition for the letter 'p'.

  • Science of Reading Principles: Our curriculum aligns seamlessly with the Science of Reading principles. By adopting this evidence-based approach, your child will benefit from:

    1. Enhanced phonemic awareness.
    2. Improved word recognition and fluency.
    3. A deeper comprehension of texts.
    4. Effective decoding skills for unfamiliar words.
  • Resourceful Book and Video Lists: Supplement the learning experience with our curated lists of books and videos that celebrate the letter 'p'.

  • Creative Center Ideas: Engage in hands-on activities that solidify letter understanding, drawing from our bank of center ideas that captivate and educate.

  • Worksheets & Templates: The package includes 35 diverse worksheets and templates, designed to reinforce letter learning in an enjoyable manner.

Embrace the joy of teaching and learning with our play-based approach. Whether you're an educator or a parent, our Letter 'p' Inquiry Package offers a world of exploration, ensuring each child finds pleasure in the foundational steps of literacy.