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October STEAM Activities for Kindergarten: Lesson Plans & Report Card Comments aligned with US Common Core & Ontario FDK Standards


Sweet Little Learners' October STEAM package!

The Importance of STEAM in Kindergarten: STEAM in Kindergarten is paramount. It lays the groundwork for fostering curiosity, developing analytical skills, and nurturing creativity. Early exposure to STEAM activities ensures a lifelong passion for exploration and a strong foundation in problem-solving and critical thinking.

Engaging Activities: Delight in the magic of 'Dancing Popcorn' and dive into sensory exploration with 'Smelly Paint'. Construct imaginative 'Pumpkin Gates', brainstorm the workings of a 'Monster Machine', and relish in the enchanting narratives of 'Room on a Broom' and 'Trick or Treat'. Plus, don't miss out on our 7 additional STEAM surprises that promise rich learning experiences.

Educator Resources: Our package is a treasure trove for educators, complete with a thorough materials list, Read Aloud List, thought-provoking questions, and curriculum alignments to both the Ontario FDK and US Common Core standards. 

Assessment and Documentation: Offering a comprehensive feedback approach, we've introduced specific report card comments, which include:

  • Dancing Popcorn: "[Student] displayed an inquisitive nature by predicting the popcorn's movement. Next Steps: Exploring different variables in the experiment. Curriculum Link: Ontario FDK - 'Exploring the World' and US Common Core - 'Scientific Inquiry Skills'.

  • Smelly Paint: "[Student] enjoyed mixing scents and could describe each aroma vividly, showing a keen sensory observation. Next Steps: Introduction to more varied sensory materials. Curriculum Link: Ontario FDK - 'Using Senses to Explore' and US Common Core - 'Sensory Description in Arts'.

Moreover, to further assist with the assessment process, a handy documentation template is provided for efficient tracking and reflection.

With Sweet Little Learners' October STEAM package, we're ensuring that learning is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about experiencing the joy of discovery!"

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PreK - 1st and Homeschool


Math, Science, and Arts & Music

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17 pages