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Word Trains- Phonics for Kindergarten: Sweet Little Readers' Learn to READ Program-Science of Reading- Ontario FDK, US CC



Word Train Package for Kindergarten: Dive into Phonics Fun!

Based on the Proven Science of Reading Principles

Embark on a captivating journey of phonics with our comprehensive Word Train Package. Tailored to the Science of Reading principles, this set is designed to instill a strong foundation in phonics and set your kindergarten students on the right track to reading success.

What’s Inside?
🚂 4 Blank Train Templates: Vibrantly designed to captivate young minds, our templates await to be filled with evolving word sequences, illustrating the progression of letter and sound changes.

🔤 Alphabet Cards: Sturdy and colourful, these cards featuring both uppercase and lowercase letters are perfect for hands-on exploration of the alphabet and its sounds.

📖 CVC Word Lists: Comprehensive lists of consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words that adhere to phonics principles. From 'cat' to 'mug', these lists ensure teachers and parents have a variety of words at their fingertips for creating dynamic word trains.

🎲 Word Train Activities Guide: Beyond traditional word trains, this guide introduces inventive games, catchy chants, and movement-based activities that promote phonemic awareness, word recognition, and enthusiastic engagement.

🛡 Laminate Sheets: To ensure repeated and lasting use, our top-quality laminate sheets are provided. Created to withstand the boundless energy of kindergarteners!


  • Research-Driven: Steeped in the Science of Reading, each element of this package aligns with the cognitive intricacies of early reading development.
  • Interactive & Dynamic: Rich in colour, texture, and play—crafted to spark curiosity and maintain the attention of young learners.

The path to reading is an expedition, and our Word Train Package is the ideal locomotive for it. Transcend traditional phonics teaching and make reading a vivid, interactive experience. Perfect for educators, caregivers, and home-schoolers alike, it’s time to fuel the excitement of reading!