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April STEAM Challenges for Ontario FDK & US Common Core Kindergarten: Spring-Focused STEM + ARTS


It is not about the finished product, but more the process and journey of learning to be curious, explore and investigate. Children are given room to think, evaluate and determine how to reach their goals and complete the project. You may think you know the direction they are heading when given a set of materials but most times they think of things that were not even on your radar. It is a place where mistakes are ok and learned from. We have added ART to kindergarten stem to include many more skills.

Welcome to our STEAM-packed April adventure, where we merge the practicality of STEM with the creativity of ARTS! Catering to both the Ontario FDK Kindergarten curriculum and the US Common Core Kindergarten standards, we've crafted a month-long journey of discovery.

Engage with Comprehensive STEAM Challenges:

  1. How High Can You Go? - Dive into an exploration of structure and balance, marrying Ontario FDK Kindergarten spatial sense with US Common Core geometry principles.
  2. Umbrella Challenge - Rainy April days bring lessons in material science, nurturing inquisitiveness and hands-on experimentation.
  3. Egg Holder Challenge - Combine protection, material use, and Easter fun in a challenge tailored for young minds.
  4. Bird Houses Challenge - Foster natural curiosity about wildlife, bridging Ontario FDK Kindergarten's environmental exploration and US Common Core's observational skills.
  5. Not a Box Challenge - Transform ordinary into extraordinary, a dance of imagination and practicality.

Valuable Feedback with Tailored Report Card Comments:

  • Seamlessly integrating both Ontario FDK Kindergarten and US Common Core Kindergarten standards, our feedback encapsulates progress, strengths, and areas of growth, ensuring holistic development.

Curated Book & Video Exploration:

  • Deepen understanding with our selection of books and videos, chosen with the Spring theme in mind and emphasizing STEAM principles.

Extra STEAM Surprises!

  • Bonus challenges await! 

Why This STEAM April Spring Focus?

Crafted with precision, our STEAM challenges empower Kindergarteners, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and a keen love for learning. Grounded in both Ontario FDK and US Common Core Kindergarten curriculum guidelines, this April package promises not just learning, but also endless fun!


Grade Levels

PreK - 1st and Homeschool


Math, Science, and Arts & Music


K.G.A.1, L.K.1, and MP4

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Homeschool Curricula, Activities, and Printables

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