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MARCH STEAM for Kindergarten: Activities & Lesson Plans | Ontario FDK & US Common Core Aligned


Welcome to our March STEAM Package, perfectly tailored for our youngest learners! Dive into the magic of March with our kindergarten-friendly STEAM challenges, ensuring our budding scientists, tech enthusiasts, engineers, artists, and mathematicians have an educational and fun-filled month!

Included in this package:

  • 5 Core STEAM Challenges: Leprechaun House Building, Pot of Gold Creation, Cleaning Pennies Experiment, Robot STEAM Activity, and Ramp Making Challenge.
  • Bonus STEAM Challenges: Look out for our surprise bonus activities, ensuring endless exploration and wonder!
  • Report Card Comments: Tailored to both the Ontario FDK and US Common Core standards, we've saved teachers precious time with ready-made, specific, and insightful comments that help translate classroom activities into learning milestones.
  • Books & Video List: Enhance the learning experience with our curated list of supportive books and engaging videos that align beautifully with each challenge.

Why You Need This Package:

  • Comprehensive Learning: Our activities cater to diverse learners, ensuring that all students can access, engage, and extend their learning.
  • Standards-aligned: With comments designed for both the Ontario FDK and US Common Core, educators can confidently relate activities to curriculum goals.
  • Engaging Multimedia: Our books and videos aren't just supplementary; they're central to fostering a multi-modal learning environment.

Why STEAM in Kindergarten is Crucial:

STEAM isn't just for older students. In kindergarten:

  1. Foundation Building: STEAM activities provide the foundational knowledge and skills that students will build upon in later years.
  2. Holistic Development: From motor skills (building) to cognitive growth (problem-solving) to emotional development (perseverance), STEAM fosters all-round development.
  3. Natural Curiosity: Kindergarteners are naturally curious. STEAM activities channel this curiosity into structured yet open-ended learning experiences.
  4. Preparedness: In a rapidly advancing world, early exposure to STEAM ensures our little ones are prepared for the technological and innovative challenges of the future.

Why Our Package Stands Out:

STEAM is essential, but "Sweet Little Learners" takes it a step further. Our package is not just a set of activities; it's a comprehensive learning journey. We understand young learners, and our challenges are crafted to meet them where they are, pushing the boundaries of their imagination and capabilities. By integrating literature and multimedia, we create a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to different learning styles. Plus, with our ready-made report card comments, we aim to make educators' lives just a tad easier!


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PreK - 1st and Homeschool


Math, Science, and Arts & Music

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Homeschool Curricula, Activities, and Assessment

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