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Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, Drama, Dance and Music for Kindergarten


Introducing our invaluable resource for primary classrooms - the 40-page handbook of songs, poems, and fingerplays! This collection is a must-have addition to enhance your classroom experience.
Categorized for Easy Navigation: Our songs, poems, and fingerplays are conveniently categorized to support specific areas of learning and classroom routines. Explore the following categories:
✍️ Letter Poems: These poems are perfect for teaching letter sounds and letter formation, providing a playful and memorable way to reinforce early literacy skills.
Number Poems: Engage young learners in the world of numbers and number formation with our delightful number poems. Make numeracy lessons enjoyable and effective.
Welcome Songs: Create a warm and inviting classroom environment with our engaging welcome songs. Set the tone for a positive and inclusive learning space.
Transition Songs: Smoothly transition between activities and routines with our catchy transition songs. Keep the energy flowing and maintain a cohesive classroom atmosphere.
Calendar Songs: Make learning about days, months, and seasons a joyful experience with our calendar songs. Build calendar skills and engage students in meaningful discussions.
Action Songs: Get your students up and moving with our lively action songs. These songs promote gross motor skills and active participation, ensuring an energized classroom.
Colour Recognition Songs: Reinforce colour recognition skills with our captivating colour recognition songs. Make learning colours a memorable and engaging experience.
Shape Recognition Songs: Introduce and reinforce shapes with our catchy shape recognition songs. Foster shape recognition and promote geometric understanding.
Fingerplays: Enhance fine motor skills and spark imaginative play with our delightful fingerplays. These interactive rhymes are perfect for building dexterity and fostering dramatic expression.
Fall Themed Songs: Embrace the beauty of the fall season with our charming collection of fall-themed songs. Explore the changing leaves, harvest, and seasonal celebrations.
❄️ Winter Themed Songs: Celebrate the wonders of winter with our delightful winter-themed songs. Engage in frosty adventures and capture the magic of the season.
Spring Themed Songs: Welcome the arrival of spring with our enchanting spring-themed songs. Celebrate growth, new beginnings, and the beauty of nature.
☀️ Summer Themed Songs: Embrace the joys of summer with our delightful summer-themed songs. Dive into sunny days, outdoor fun, and summer memories.
Counting Songs: Make counting an engaging and memorable experience with our collection of counting songs. Foster numeracy skills through rhythm and rhyme.
This comprehensive handbook of songs, poems, and fingerplays is a treasure trove of educational and enjoyable resources. Elevate your primary classroom with the power of music and poetry!
Discover the Handbook of Songs, Poems, and Fingerplays today!
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