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Morphology Mastery for K-1: Prefix & Suffix Learning | Science of Reading in Ontario FDK & US Common Core



Morphology Package for Kindergarten and Grade 1. 

Based on the Proven Science of Reading Principles

What is Morphology?
"Morphology is the study of the structure and form of words. It's not just about individual words, but about the building blocks that create them - the prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Think of words as puzzles; morphology helps us understand each piece and how they fit together!"

Why is Morphology Important?

  1. Reading Skills: As students recognize patterns in words (like the "un-" in "undo" or "redo"), they can decode new words more easily.
  2. Vocabulary Growth: Understanding the pieces of a word helps students determine meanings of unfamiliar words.
  3. Grammar & Writing: Grasping how words are formed aids in using them correctly in spoken and written sentences.

The Science of Reading Connection:
The science of reading emphasizes the importance of phonics and word recognition in early literacy. Morphology directly supports this by:

  • Enhancing word recognition skills.
  • Helping students predict the pronunciation and meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • Strengthening comprehension by revealing relationships between words.

Inside the Morphology Magic Package:

  • Engaging Books Suggestions : Dive into stories that introduce prefixes, suffixes, and base words in contexts kids love.
  • Interactive YouTube Videos Suggestions : Catchy songs and vibrant animations make learning about word structures fun and memorable.
  • Lessons & Activities: Step-by-step lesson plans and hands-on activities tailored for young learners to explore the magic of word-building.