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Letter Inquiry Package SET 2 - Letters R,E,D,H,M,CK for Kindergarten: Sweet Little Readers' Learn to READ Program-Science of Reading

$36.00 $41.94

Phonics Mastery: Set 2

Letters with Comprehensive Packages for R, E, D, H, M, and CK!

Overview: Unlock the magic of reading for your kindergartener with our specially curated Set 2 Phonics Mastery package. Carefully designed with the science of reading at its core, our program ensures that each letter and sound is introduced, practiced, and mastered in an engaging and effective manner. This package is the next step in your child's reading journey, seamlessly building on previous knowledge and preparing them for future literacy adventures.

What’s Inside?:
  1. Intuitive Lesson Plans: Step-by-step lesson plans for each letter and sound (R, E, D, H, M, CK) with activities that cater to various learning styles. Each lesson scaffolds from the previous, ensuring consistent learning progression.
  2. Engaging Multimedia Content: Handpicked YouTube videos that bring each letter to life, captivating your child's attention and enhancing auditory and visual learning.
  3. Dynamic Activity Centres: Interactive centres with activities rooted in the science of reading principles. From movement-based tasks to hands-on crafts, these centres promise active engagement and reinforce learning.
  4. Enriching Reading Materials: A curated list of children's books for each letter, carefully chosen to emphasize phonemic awareness and grow your child's love for reading.
  5. Assessment Tools: Keep track of your child's progress with our user-friendly assessment tools. Monitor their mastery of each letter and sound, ensuring they are ready to move on to the next.

  • 4 lesson plan cards per letter inquiry
  • 35+ worksheets for centres and letter practice per letter inquiry
  • Clickable LINKS to pre videos

Plus a BONUS SYLLABLE PACKAGE  package is included