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Ontario FDK Kindergarten June Lesson Plans: NO PREP Inquiries with BONUS Report Card Starters for a Full Month!



Step into the final month of Kindergarten with our exciting and comprehensive package!

We've curated three captivating inquiries, each packed with 11 engaging activities, to create a memorable end to the school year.

Dive into the last stretch of the school year with our delightful June Kindergarten Package! Crafted with care and designed to spark imagination, this collection offers a comprehensive set of activities focused around three captivating inquiries: "All About Dad", "Summer Fun", and "Year-End Celebration". This vibrant package not only brings together hands-on activities but also integrates story and song links to embellish the learning experience. And that’s not all! For every lesson, you'll find easy-to-follow plan cards and ready-to-use templates that make the learning journey seamless and fun!

June Kindergarten Package: Celebrate, Learn, and Leap into Summer! ☀️🎓🌼

Embark on a captivating journey with your kindergarteners as they explore the magic of June!

📦 What's Inside?

  • Three Enthralling Inquiries: Dive deep into the themes of fatherly love with "All About Dad", relish the sun-soaked days with "Summer Fun", and wrap up the academic year with a grand "Year-End Celebration".

  • Story & Song Links: Enhance the learning experience with curated links to age-appropriate stories and songs that resonate with each theme. These multimedia resources are perfect for setting the stage for each activity or wrapping up a lesson with some rhythmic fun!

  • Hands-On Lesson Plan Cards: Never feel lost! Each activity comes with a step-by-step lesson plan card. Designed for educators, by educators, these cards are perfect for ensuring that every lesson is engaging and effective.

  • Ready-to-Use Templates: Minimize prep time and maximize engagement with our print-and-use templates. Whether it’s a crown design for the "Year-End Celebration" or the "All About Me" keepsake, we've got you covered.

💡 Highlights:

  1. STEAM Challenges: Fuel creativity and critical thinking with challenges like designing a celebration crown or cap, and more!
  2. Nature Adventures: From tree rubbings to rock matches, these activities will get little ones excited about the world outside.
  3. Literacy & Numeracy Fun: Activities like "Eye Spy" and "Class Fruit Salad" seamlessly weave in essential literacy and numeracy skills.

🎉 Celebrate the Journey:
June is a special month in the academic calendar, a time of reflection, celebration, and anticipation for the sun-filled days of summer. Our June Kindergarten Package is curated to capture this essence, making learning memorable and fun!


Celebrate the achievements of your kindergarten students with our end-of-year package. Embrace the joy of learning and create lasting memories during this special time.