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June STEAM Package Aligned with Ontario FDK & US Common Core – Father's Day, Graduation, and Summer Fun Activities


Sweet Little Learners' June STEAM Package

☀️ Kickstart the Summer with Vibrant Learning Adventures! ☀️

Are you ready for a season of exploration and fun? Sweet Little Learners' June STEAM Package is here to make your summer extraordinary! Designed to align with Ontario FDK and US Common Core standards, this bundle offers a wide array of activities focusing on Father's Day, Graduation, and the joys of summer. It's hands-on learning at its finest!

🌟 What's Inside? 🌟

1️⃣ Toolbox Challenge

  • Activity Description: Build your own mini-toolbox, a perfect Father’s Day gift and a great introduction to basic woodworking skills.

2️⃣ Dad Rocks! Stone Painting

  • Activity Description: Show Dad how much he rocks by painting and decorating stones, infusing art with sentiments of love and gratitude.

3️⃣ Mandala Magic

  • Activity Description: Delve into the world of geometric patterns by creating beautiful mandalas, perfect for mindfulness and geometric understanding.

4️⃣ DIY Graduation Caps

  • Activity Description: Celebrate academic milestones by crafting your own graduation caps, incorporating elements of design and construction.

5️⃣ Secret Codes Challenge

  • Activity Description: Dive into the world of cryptography by creating and deciphering secret codes, a lesson in language and logical reasoning.

6️⃣ Ant Amusement Park

  • Activity Description: Explore the fascinating behaviors of ants by building them an amusement park, perfect for mini-behavioral scientists.

7️⃣ Nature Paint Brushes

  • Activity Description: Create unique paint brushes from natural materials, a wonderful way to link art and nature.

📚 Book & Video Links 📚

  • Links to Suggested Books & Videos: Dive deeper into each challenge with our curated list of books and videos. 

📦 Package Inclusions 

  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans
  • Aligned with Ontario FDK & US Common Core
  • Curated Book and Video Links