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Complete First 4 Months of Kindergarten FRENCH Curriculum or Elementary Rotary FRENCH Program


Immerse your kindergarteners in the French language with our comprehensive package of 88 pages of French activities designed specifically for Kindergarten or Rotary Elementary French programs. This resource-packed package includes a wide range of engaging worksheets, activities, and resources to support language learning.

Here's what's included in the package:

  • All worksheets and activities for interactive learning
  • Over 100 centre ideas for hands-on exploration
  • 8 sensory recipes to engage multiple senses
  • Alphabet exercises to build foundational knowledge
  • Alphabet sounds practice for phonetic awareness
  • Alphabet book for interactive reading experiences
  • Moods and emotions exploration for self-expression
  • Seasons vocabulary to learn about weather and time
  • Numbers activities for numerical literacy
  • Shapes and colors exercises for visual recognition
  • Colour by Number pages for artistic expression
  • Days of the Week to understand weekly routines
  • Months of the Year for calendar awareness
  • All About Me activities for personal expression
  • Writing tasks to develop written language skills
  • Language tasks for vocabulary building
  • Apple inquiry to explore the world of fruits
  • Beginning sounds practice for phonemic awareness
  • Kaboom game for sounds and words reinforcement
  • Word families exploration for phonics understanding

Give your students a solid foundation in French language learning with this comprehensive package that covers a wide range of topics and skills. Help them develop a love for French and enhance their linguistic abilities in a fun and engaging way!