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February STEAM Kindergarten Package: Integrating Ontario FDK & US Common Core Standards



Step into the month of love and exploration with the "February STEAM Package" from Sweet Little Learners. This handcrafted resource is tailored to the unique wonders of February, making STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning resonate with the themes and feelings of the month. Dive into a blend of innovation, creativity, and foundational skills, all while keeping young learners captivated.

Here's What's Inside:

  1. Themed STEAM Challenges: 

    • Constellations: Unlock the mysteries of the night sky as students explore star patterns and the stories behind them.
    • Puppet Shadows: Delve into the fascinating interplay of light and shadows, using puppets to cast intriguing silhouettes.
    • Keep It in the Air: A collaborative activity to understand aerodynamics, gravity, and teamwork, as students work together to keep objects airborne.
    • Dinosaur Bling: A perfect blend of history and art, where students embellish dinosaur figures, learning about these ancient creatures while expressing their creativity.
    • Heart Animals: A Valentine-themed activity that integrates geometry and art, allowing students to craft delightful animals using heart shapes.
    • Dino Eggs: Dive deep into prehistoric times by crafting realistic dinosaur eggs using the fun technique of paper mâché.
  2. Tailored Report Card Comments: Precise comments aligned with the U.S. Common Core State Standards, simplifying the assessment process while staying thematic.

  3. Curated Book and Video Links: Dive deeper into each activity with our selected books and videos, perfectly aligning with February’s themes.

  4. Intuitive Documentation Templates: Stay organized and efficient with our user-friendly templates, capturing every moment of learning and creativity.

  5. Holistic Assessment Tools: Elevate your evaluations with our STEAM-focused tools, diving deep into each learner's skills, achievements, and potential areas of growth.

Why Choose the "February STEAM Package" by Sweet Little Learners?

February is a month filled with warmth, wonder, and a touch of whimsy. Sweet Little Learners understands this essence, and our "February STEAM Package" encapsulates it, ensuring STEAM learning is not just educational but also deeply thematic and fun. Perfect for both seasoned educators and those just embarking on their teaching journey, this package promises a month of joy, discovery, and heartfelt learning.


🛠️ Materials List: We provide a comprehensive materials list for each activity and challenge, ensuring easy preparation and implementation. Gather the necessary materials and dive into STEAM learning seamlessly.

❓ Questions for Learning: Spark meaningful discussions and inquiry-based learning with our thought-provoking questions. Encourage critical thinking and scientific reasoning throughout the STEAM activities.

📚 Curriculum Connections/REPORT CARD COMMENTS: Our Kindergarten STEAM Package aligns with curriculum expectations, ensuring a seamless integration into your educational program. Explore connections across various subject areas and foster holistic development.

📋 Template for Documentation: Effortlessly track and assess student progress with our convenient documentation template. Capture observations, reflections, and student achievements, providing valuable insights into their STEAM journey.

Unleash the power of STEAM and foster a love for learning in your kindergarten classroom with our captivating STEAM Package.

Grade Levels

PreK - K and Homeschool


Math, Science, and Arts & Music

Resource Type

Actvities and Lesson

Formats Included



18 pages