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Complete Preschool to Kindergarten Ready Program: Everything You Need


Introducing our comprehensive learning resource with over 200 activities and 95 pages of engaging content! Designed for minimal to zero prep and utilizing household items, this resource offers a fun and hands-on approach to learning.

πŸŽ‰ Fun, Engaging, and Hands-On: We believe that learning should be enjoyable and interactive. Our activities are designed to captivate your child's interest, fostering a sense of belonging and curiosity for the world around them. From games to videos and hands-on worksheets, our pre-planned cards offer a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.

🀝 Working Together: We understand the importance of collaboration between parents and children. By engaging in these activities together, you can create a stronger bond while nurturing your child's thirst for knowledge. This collaborative approach enhances their readiness for kindergarten and sets them up for future success.

πŸ“š Age-Appropriate and Professionally Selected: As a team of professionals, including Early Childhood Educators and Primary Specialist teachers, we have carefully curated age-appropriate activities that align with the correct scope and sequence for learning. Our activities promote fine motor development, language development, number skills, spatial relations, and sensory building.

πŸ” Correct Scope and Sequence: We've thoughtfully structured the activities to ensure a progressive and sequential learning experience. Each activity builds upon the previous one, creating a solid foundation for your child's development.

⭐️ Benefits of our Learning Resource:

  • Engaging activities that make learning enjoyable
  • Strengthened parent-child relationship through shared learning experiences
  • Enhanced readiness for kindergarten and future academic success
  • Skill development in areas such as fine motor skills, language, numeracy, spatial awareness, and sensory exploration

    Why Everything Preschool

    These activities have been kid approved! They are a part of the many years of teaching at the pre k level over the course of our 30-year careers. We have done all the Homework for you. No more guessing which skills to teach, what order to teach them in or searching various websites or books for appropriate activities and worksheets. We have done the research for you using the 5 curriculum areas that Pre- School children need to develop before kindergarten:practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and culture. Our program provides the right materials for children to explore at the proper time in their development.

    We pride ourselves in offering a quality program that takes minimal prep, uses household items and is stress free and simple to follow.

    WE ARE DIFFERENT AND WE LIKE IT- We offer interactive cards.
    Choosing the activity with your child and make it a choice board is the BEST part!

    THE PLANNING IS DONE FOR YOU – Forget scrolling through social media or websites for ideas; rest assured that age appropriate, fun hands-on activities have been planned for you!

    MINIMAL WORKSHEETS ALL MAXIMUM FUNΒ - These short educational activities help make learning fun so your little ones look forward to learning more and more-we purposely have included activities that promote growth and development.

    PREPARE FOR KINDERGARTEN – Your preschooler will have a huge heads up when entering kindergarten, we cover all of the kindergarten pre cursors and promote a positive mindset for learning.

    SUPPORTED EDUCATIONAL LINKS TO VIRTUAL STORIES AND SONGS– Just click the hyperlinks and you will be directed to selected online media.

    Included in the book

    -This book includes over 200 activities!

    There are 10 themes that are fun and engaging. Each Theme has 3 Choice Cards- Literacy, Numeracy and Exploration.

    There are 200 low prep activitiesβ€”we use household items.

    The program includes printables and guided worksheets that are easily downloadable.

    The program includes the correct scope and sequence to develop skills at this age.

    How to program plan for your child

    - The program is easily navigated and can be used as a 10 week program or a year long program.
    - The duration of each activity is 10-15 minutes.
    - Repeat as many activities as you want! We have carefully selected a range of fine motor, gross motor, arts, science, literacy and numeracy activities that are super engaging.

    Take advantage of the preselected supporting educational videos and songs by clicking the links in the e-book.
    We understand that life gets busy, and you might have to miss a day or two, no worries pick up where you left off or repeat some favourite activities and lessons you and your child loves.


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