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Included in the Easter Themed Activity Pack:

  • Alphabet Matching, Puzzles, and Memory Games: Strengthen letter recognition and phonics skills with Easter-themed alphabet activities. From matching games to puzzles, students will hop into literacy with enthusiasm.

  • Number Matching, Puzzles, and Memory Games: Build foundational numeracy skills with engaging number puzzles, matching games, and memory challenges. Each activity is designed to reinforce counting, recognition, and basic arithmetic in a playful, Easter context.

  • Match the Easter Eggs (Symmetry): Dive into the concept of symmetry with beautifully designed Easter egg puzzles. Students will match halves of eggs, exploring patterns and symmetry in a visually engaging way.

  • Colouring Pages and Colour by Number:Easter-themed colouring pages and colour-by-number activities. These printables are great for fine motor practice and colour recognition.

  • Graphing Activities: Introduce simple graphing concepts with Easter candy or egg-themed graphing exercises. Students will learn to sort, count, and graph, turning data into colourful visual representations.

  • Easter Flashcards and Memory Games: Expand vocabulary and memory skills with Easter-themed flashcards and memory games. Featuring Easter vocabulary and images, these activities are perfect for language development and cognitive skills.

Bonus Material:

In addition to the 11 core activities, this pack includes 10 bonus centre ideas, offering even more ways to incorporate Easter fun into your classroom. From sensory bins to storytelling sessions, these bonus ideas will enrich your holiday curriculum.

Complementary Book and Video Suggestions:

To round off your Easter-themed lessons, we've included a curated list of book and video suggestions. These resources are handpicked to complement the activities in the pack, providing stories and visuals that tie in with the Easter theme, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Grade Levels

1st - 3rd and Homeschool


Holidays/Seasonal, Math, and Arts & Music

Resource Type

Activities and Printables

Formats Included



100 pages