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Complete Full Year of Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Activities | Ontario FDK and US Common Core Aligned

$411.00 $599.00

Introducing the Ultimate Year long Lesson Plan Package from Sweet Little Learners! Designed to meet the needs of teachers and homeschool parents, this comprehensive resource provides a wealth of features and benefits to support your early childhood education journey.

  1. Clickable Lesson Plan Cards: Access the teacher's video demonstrations and additional support with just a click. Watch as the teacher guides you through each lesson, ensuring clarity and confidence in your instruction.

  2. Supporting Videos and Stories: Enhance your lessons with clickable videos and stories that align with the curriculum. These engaging resources further reinforce key concepts and keep students actively engaged in their learning.

  3. Step-by-Step Lesson Plan Cards: Enjoy the convenience of detailed lesson plans with clear instructions and material lists. Easily follow along and deliver impactful lessons that seamlessly integrate with the Ontario FDK curriculum and align with the US Common Core Curriculum Expectations.

  4. Extension Activities: Extend learning opportunities with suggested extension activities included in the lesson plan cards. Cater to the diverse needs and interests of your students while promoting deeper understanding and critical thinking skills.

  5. Supply Teacher-Friendly: Hand over easy-to-follow, printable lesson plan cards to supply teachers, ensuring continuity and consistency in your absence. Keep your classroom running smoothly even when you're away.

  6. All-inclusive Printables and Templates: Access a wide range of printables and templates that support lesson delivery and enhance student engagement. From worksheets to craft templates, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

  7. STEAM Package: Ignite curiosity and foster creativity with our specially curated STEAM package. Benefit from planning sheets and engaging questions that encourage students to explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in exciting and meaningful ways.

  8. Sensory Recipes: Bring hands-on learning to life with sensory recipes that captivate young learners. Engage their senses while they explore different textures, scents, and materials, enhancing their understanding of various concepts.

  9. Read Aloud Lists, Fingerplays, and Songs: Foster a love for literacy and language development through a carefully curated collection of read alouds, fingerplays, and songs. Immerse your students in rich literary experiences that promote vocabulary development and a strong foundation in reading.

  10. Center Ideas: Discover a plethora of center ideas that engage students in independent and collaborative learning experiences. Foster creativity, problem-solving, and social-emotional skills as children explore different centers aligned with the curriculum.

With the Ultimate Yearlong Lesson Plan Package from Sweet Little Learners, you can confidently navigate your kindergarten classroom with expertly planned and seamlessly integrated lessons. Embrace the convenience of turn-key resources while providing your students with a well-rounded education that meets and exceeds curriculum expectations.

 Sweet Little Learners Full Year Package Benefits:

  1. Time-saving: The full year lesson plan package provides over 600 pre-designed lessons and activities, saving teachers and homeschool parents hours of planning and preparation time.

  2. Comprehensive coverage: The package covers literacy, numeracy, arts, STEAM, centers, read-alouds, sensory play, and more, ensuring all key areas of early childhood development are addressed.

  3. Curriculum alignment: The lessons and activities are carefully designed to align with curriculum standards, ensuring that students are meeting grade-level expectations.

  4. Play-based approach: The lessons incorporate play and hands-on activities, allowing children to learn through active engagement and exploration.

  5. Low prep: With minimal preparation required, teachers and homeschool parents can spend more time focusing on instruction and student engagement.

  6. Clear structure: The monthly lesson plans provide a structured framework, making it easy to follow a consistent routine and cover all necessary topics.

  7. STEAM integration: The inclusion of STEAM challenges every Thursday promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in students.

  8. Differentiation: The package offers a variety of activities and resources to accommodate different learning styles and abilities, allowing for effective differentiation in the classroom or homeschool setting.

  9. Assessment support: The supporting videos, assessments, and worksheets provided in the package assist teachers and parents in evaluating student progress and identifying areas for improvement.

  10. Classroom management resources: The bonus teacher toolkit included in the package offers valuable resources to help manage the classroom effectively, ensuring a smooth and organized learning environment.

Up to date Lessons e-mailed directly to you as our packages evolve. As a BONUS you will receive September Centre Rotations Package which can be used as a Template for future Months. 

About the Curriculum:

Our MINDS ON is designed to engage learners!

OUR LITERACY PROGRAM is designed after the science of reading and includes phonics, phonemes, reading, comprehension and is modelled after Heggerty and Orton Gillingham.

Our NUMERACY Lessons are scaffolded and designed to follow the correct scope and sequence of the kindergarten curriculum. 

OUR STEAM is designed to foster ingenuity, problem solving and self regulation.

OUR ARTS/SCIENCE/ PLAY BASED is FUN and engaging and low prep (who has time to cut out 32 templates???)

OUR FUN FRIDAY CHALLENGES create excitement after learning all week and celebrate fun in KIndergarten. 

 Each month includes:

  • Daily Minds On
  • Daily Literacy
  • Daily Numeracy
  • Daily Arts, Science, Play Based
  • Weekly STEAM (STEM) challenges
  • Centre Ideas
  • Read Aloud List
  • ALL worksheets and Templates
  • Sensory Recipes
  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Pre sourced free videos
  • Curriculum connections
  • Materials List

As a BONUS you will receive the Letter Inquiries- Science of Reading. These compliment the literacy lessons and provide extra lessons for each letter. 

Another BONUS- You will also Receive the Centre Packages that Compliment the Months






Grade Levels



Literacy, Numeracy, Art, and STEAM

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Lesson, Activities, and Printables

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2500 pages