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Complete 5 Days of Supply Plans: Turnkey and Click-Away for Kindergarten Ontario FDK


Introducing our ultimate solution for busy kindergarten teachers - meticulously planned supply days when you need them most! We understand that it can be challenging to create detailed supply plans when you're not feeling your best. That's why we've carefully designed these days to seamlessly cover the kindergarten curriculum.

✨ Meticulously Planned Days: Each day is thoughtfully structured to ensure comprehensive coverage of the kindergarten curriculum. Say goodbye to the stress of planning and embrace the ease of our ready-to-use supply days.

📚 4 Detailed Lessons per Day: Every supply day includes four detailed lessons, covering essential areas of learning:

1️⃣ Minds On: Engage students with thought-provoking activities that stimulate curiosity and critical thinking.

2️⃣ Literacy: Foster reading and writing skills through carefully crafted literacy lessons.

3️⃣ Numeracy: Develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts with engaging numeracy lessons.

4️⃣ Arts/Science/Play Based: Encourage creativity and scientific exploration through hands-on arts, science, and play-based activities.

👩‍🏫 Lesson Demonstrations by a Teacher: With just a click, you can access lesson demonstrations by a teacher. Watch the lessons in action, gaining valuable insights and inspiration for delivering engaging and effective instruction.

🎥 Pre-Selected Supporting Videos: Enhance the learning experience with our pre-selected supporting videos. With a simple click, you can access videos that complement the lessons, providing extra support and reinforcing key concepts.

📝 Worksheets for Centers: We've got you covered with a variety of worksheets designed for center activities. These resources are ready to be printed and utilized to enrich independent learning experiences.

🖥️ Templates for Lessons: Save time and effort with our ready-to-use lesson templates. These templates provide a clear and structured format, making it easy to deliver engaging and effective lessons.

Say goodbye to the stress of planning supply days and embrace the simplicity of our meticulously planned curriculum-covered days.

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