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November STEAM Kindergarten Package: Integrating Ontario FDK & US Common Core Standards


Introducing our captivating Kindergarten STEAM Package, designed to inspire young learners through hands-on exploration and discovery! Unleash the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) with our exciting collection of activities and challenges.

🌈 Skittle Experiment: Dive into the world of color and chemical reactions with our Skittle Experiment. Watch in awe as colors dance and mix, engaging students in a mesmerizing scientific investigation.

Travelling Colours: Embark on a colorful journey as you explore the concept of colour mixing and absorption in our Travelling Colours activity. Witness captivating patterns and transformations that ignite curiosity and artistic expression.

🏗️ Building Challenge: Unleash your creativity and engineering skills with our Building Challenge. Construct structures using various materials, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial awareness.

🔲 Geo Boards: Discover the wonders of geometry and patterns with our Geo Boards. Engage in hands-on activities that foster shape recognition, fine motor skills, and mathematical thinking.



 9 Bonus STEAM Challenges: Elevate the learning experience with our collection of 9 bonus STEAM challenges. These challenges delve into diverse topics, encouraging interdisciplinary exploration and innovation.

🛠️ Materials List: We provide a comprehensive materials list for each activity and challenge, ensuring easy preparation and implementation. Gather the necessary materials and dive into STEAM learning seamlessly.

❓ Questions for Learning: Spark meaningful discussions and inquiry-based learning with our thought-provoking questions. Encourage critical thinking and scientific reasoning throughout the STEAM activities.

📚 Curriculum Connections/REPORT CARD COMMENTS: Our Kindergarten STEAM Package aligns with curriculum expectations, ensuring a seamless integration into your educational program. Explore connections across various subject areas and foster holistic development.

📋 Template for Documentation: Effortlessly track and assess student progress with our convenient documentation template. Capture observations, reflections, and student achievements, providing valuable insights into their STEAM journey.

Unleash the power of STEAM and foster a love for learning in your kindergarten classroom with our captivating STEAM Package.

Grade Levels

PreK - K and Homeschool


Math, Science, and Arts & Music

Resource Type

Actvities and Lesson

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18 pages