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September Full Month of Kindergarten Play Based Learning Centres/ Small Groups- Templates/Schedules/Assessment- Ontario FDK


Introducing our game-changing Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule, specifically designed to streamline centre planning, groupings, and organization in kindergarten classrooms. Say goodbye to last-minute preparations and hello to feeling prepared a month in advance!

💡 Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule: Our comprehensive tool allows you to effortlessly track and rotate centres, ensuring a well-structured and organized classroom environment. Stay on top of centre planning with ease.

📚 All-Inclusive Centre Resources: We provide you with everything you need for successful centre implementation. Our package includes centre descriptions, templates, worksheets, and engaging activities, saving you valuable time and effort.

ğŸŽ¯ Paired Perfectly with Long Range Plans: Our centre tracker and rotation schedule seamlessly align with our long-range plans for kindergarten. This cohesive pairing ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach to curriculum coverage.

📚 20 Literacy Centres: Immerse your students in a world of literacy with our 20 carefully curated literacy centres. These play-based, no-prep centres offer turn-key solutions for engaging learning experiences.

🔢 20 Numeracy Centres: Unlock the wonders of numeracy with our 20 dynamic numeracy centres. These play-based, no-prep centres are designed to foster mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

🖐️ Focus on Fine Motor Skills: Promote fine motor skill development through our thoughtfully designed centres. Students will engage in activities that enhance hand-eye coordination, pencil control, and dexterity.

🔤 Letter Sounds: Ignite phonemic awareness with our letter sound centres. These activities are designed to reinforce letter sounds and phonics skills, setting the foundation for early literacy success.

ğŸŽ Apples: Explore the world of apples through engaging centres that foster curiosity and knowledge. Delve into apple-themed activities that integrate literacy, numeracy, and sensory experiences.

📏 Lines: Develop pre-writing skills and visual perception through our line-themed centres. Students will practice tracing, drawing lines, and developing hand control while engaging in fun activities.

🔢 Numbers 0-5: Build numeracy skills with our centres focusing on numbers 0-5. From counting to number recognition, these activities provide a solid foundation for early number sense development.

📛 Names: Celebrate personal identity and name recognition with our name-themed centres. Engage students in activities that promote name writing, letter recognition, and self-expression.

Experience the joy of being fully prepared and organized with our Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule. Transform your kindergarten classroom into a well-oiled learning environment where every centre experience is engaging, purposeful, and seamless.