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April Full Month of Kindergarten Play Based Learning Centres/ Small Groups- Templates/Schedules/Assessment/ Ontario FDK


Introducing our game-changing APRIL Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule, specifically designed to streamline centre planning, groupings, and organization in kindergarten classrooms. Say goodbye to last-minute preparations and hello to feeling prepared a month in advance!

Perfect for Small Groups and Table Centres


This month, our theme revolves around the vibrant awakening of spring, the environmental focus of Earth Day, and foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

What's Inside:

  1. Literacy Centers:

    • Blend into Spring: Journey through the world of phonetics with our "BR" and "GR" blend centers, where stories come alive and words take flight.
    • Rhyming Rhythms: Dive into the fun of rhymes with our easy-to-match rhyming pairs and storytelling sessions, perfect for developing early phonemic awareness.
    • Earth Day Storytelling: Unleash creativity with our Earth Day-themed story creation center, promoting environmental consciousness alongside narrative skills.
  2. Numeracy Centers:

    • Counting with Nature: Explore the beauty of spring with our 'Counting Leaves' and 'Tree Height Measurement' centers, where nature's wonders meet numbers.
    • Subitizing in Spring: Blossom in numerical understanding with our 'Spring Flower Subitizing' and 'Butterfly Spots Subitizing' centers, perfect for developing quick number recognition.
    • Earth Day Sorting: Celebrate Earth Day by sorting recyclable materials, and engage in 'Counting for the Earth' activities that blend environmental themes with fundamental math skills.
  3. Integrated Learning:

    • Syllable Centers: Connect sounds to numbers with our syllable counting station, a blend of literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Opposites Attract: Discover the world of opposites with our 'Opposite Sides' Balancing and 'High and Low' Opposite Number centers, a fun approach to early math concepts.


💡 Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule: Our comprehensive tool allows you to effortlessly track and rotate centres, ensuring a well-structured and organized classroom environment. Stay on top of centre planning with ease.

 All-Inclusive Centre Resources: We provide you with everything you need for successful centre implementation. Our package includes centre descriptions, templates, worksheets, and engaging activities, saving you valuable time and effort.

Paired Perfectly with Long Range Plans: Our centre tracker and rotation schedule seamlessly align with our long-range plans for kindergarten. This cohesive pairing ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach to curriculum coverage.

 20  Literacy Centres: Immerse your students in a world of literacy with our 20 carefully curated literacy centres. These play-based, no-prep centres offer turn-key solutions for engaging learning experiences.

20 Math Skill Centres: Unlock the wonders of numeracy with our 20 dynamic numeracy centres. These play-based, no-prep centres are designed to foster mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

 Focus on Fine Motor Skills: Promote fine motor skill development through our thoughtfully designed centres. Students will engage in activities that enhance hand-eye coordination, pencil control, and dexterity.


Experience the joy of being fully prepared and organized with our Centre Tracker and Rotation Schedule. Transform your kindergarten classroom into a well-oiled learning environment where every centre experience is engaging, purposeful, and seamless.