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Math Story- Kindergarten Math Story plus Lesson Plans and Activities- Math Concept- Part Part Whole



Sweet Little Learners proudly presents the first book in our innovative series designed to teach essential math concepts to young minds. "Blue and Theo's Part-Part-Whole Adventure" is a captivating digital storybook created specifically for interactive learning experiences.

This delightful book, available in Google Slide format, is perfect for engaging little learners both in classroom settings and at home. Follow the charming characters, Blue and Theo, as they embark on a whimsical journey exploring the foundational math concept of part-part-whole. Through their adventure, children will not only be introduced to the basics of addition but also understand how different parts come together to form a whole.

Designed with vibrant illustrations and interactive elements, this story encourages participation and makes learning an enjoyable process. The digital format allows for an immersive experience, letting children, explore, and discover at their own pace.

At the conclusion of Blue and Theo's story, educators and parents will find valuable resources to extend the learning experience. The book includes two comprehensive lesson plans that provide structured guidance on teaching the part-part-whole concept. Additionally, a section dedicated to centers and activities offers creative ideas for hands-on learning and skill reinforcement.

"Blue and Theo's Part-Part-Whole Adventure" is more than just a storybook; it's a tool to ignite curiosity and build foundational math skills in young learners. Dive into this interactive journey and watch your little learners grow with Sweet Little Learners' series of Children's Books dedicated to making math fun and accessible.

Ideal for kindergarten and early elementary grades, this digital storybook is a must-have for any educator or parent seeking to enhance their math curriculum in an engaging and innovative way.

Grade Levels

1st - 3rd and Homeschool


Holidays/Seasonal, Math, and Arts & Music

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Activities and Printables

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65 pages