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Teacher Toolbox Complete Assessment, Templates, Ontario Curriculum Checklists, teacher calendar, teacher templates


Introducing our ultimate resource to fully prepare and organize for the upcoming school year! With 333 pages of invaluable content, this comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need to start the year off on the right foot.

🗓️ Calendar Template: Stay on top of important dates and events with our customizable calendar template. Keep your schedule organized and easily accessible.

📋 Daily Plan Template: Plan your daily lessons and activities efficiently with our user-friendly daily plan template. Stay focused and structured throughout the school day.

📅 Weekly Plan Template: Map out your weekly curriculum and objectives effortlessly with our convenient weekly plan template. Streamline your planning process and maximize productivity.

📝 Anecdotal Notes Template: Keep track of student progress and observations with our practical anecdotal notes template. Easily record important insights and tailor instruction accordingly.

🔤 Letter Sounds and Recognition Assessment Sheets: Assess and monitor student letter sound recognition with our comprehensive assessment sheets. Gain valuable insights into students' literacy development.

🔢 Number Recognition Assessment Sheets: Track student number recognition skills with our assessment sheets. Identify strengths and areas for improvement in numeracy.

🧮 Numeracy Assessments: Assess various numeracy skills, including subitizing, counting on, and before and after concepts. Monitor student progress and tailor instruction accordingly.

ğŸŽ² 10 Frame Template: Facilitate hands-on learning with our versatile 10 frame template. Develop number sense and visualize quantities using this effective tool.

ğŸŽ² Roll a Dice Template: Engage students in interactive and fun learning experiences with our roll a dice template. Foster math skills and problem-solving abilities through game-based activities.

🔤 Alphabet Flashcards: Enhance letter recognition and phonics skills with our handy set of alphabet flashcards. Engage students in engaging and interactive language activities.

🔢 Numbers 0-20 Flashcards: Reinforce number recognition and counting skills with our comprehensive set of numbers 0-20 flashcards. Make numeracy learning exciting and effective.

📚 Book Review Template: Encourage literacy and critical thinking with our book review template. Foster a love for reading and empower students to share their thoughts on literature.

⚙️ STEM Challenge Template: Inspire innovation and problem-solving skills with our STEM challenge template. Encourage hands-on exploration and interdisciplinary learning.

🏠 Home Time Templates: Stay organized during dismissal time with our practical home time templates. Ensure smooth transitions and efficient communication with parents.

🚍 Bus List: Keep track of student bus riders with our convenient bus list template. Ensure student safety during transportation and streamline bus routines.

📋 Ontario Curriculum Checklist: Align your instruction with Ontario curriculum expectations using our comprehensive checklist. Stay on track with curriculum requirements and milestones.

📅 2022-2023 Teacher Planner August to June: Stay organized throughout the school year with our teacher planner. Keep important dates, events, and notes in one convenient location.

📅 Updated 2023-2025 School Calendar: Stay up to date with our updated school calendar, covering the years 2023-2025. Be prepared and never miss a beat.

With our 333-page resource, you'll have all the tools you need to fully prepare and stay organized for the school year. Start the year with confidence and efficiency!

ğŸŽ’ Get fully prepared for the school year now!

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