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Ontario FDK Kindergarten Self Regulation Package/Full Year Lesson Plans/Reporting/Long Range Plans

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Welcome to the Self-Regulation Package from Sweet Little Learners, an essential resource crafted for Ontario Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) educators. This complete package aligns seamlessly with the Ontario FDK curriculum, offering a full academic year’s worth of engaging lesson plans, activities, and resources centered on self-regulation and emotional intelligence.

Key Components:

  • Monthly Themed Lesson Plans: Detailed, curriculum-aligned plans for each month, focusing on self-regulation skills development. 8 detailed step by step lessons plans each month with extension activities.
  • Diverse Learning Activities and Centers: Over 80 interactive activities including art, literacy, numeracy, outdoor learning, and kinesthetic play, each promoting emotional learning and self-regulation.
  • Book and Video Suggestions: Handpicked children’s books and YouTube videos for each lesson, enhancing the learning experience in a relatable manner.
  • Extension Activities: Extra resources for extending learning beyond the classroom, fostering emotional growth at home.
  • Report Card Comments: Ready-to-use, personalized comment suggestions for student report cards, reflecting on their progress in self-regulation.
  • Look For's : A comprehensive ‘look for’s list' to aid teachers in assessing and tracking student progress and engagement in self-regulation activities.

Benefits to Teachers:

  1. Curriculum Compatibility: Aligned with Ontario’s FDK curriculum, saving time in planning and ensuring compliance.

  2. User-Friendly Format: Clear, straightforward lesson plans for easy implementation.

  3. Varied Learning Styles Catered: Activities tailored to different learners, ensuring inclusive emotional and educational development.

  4. Professional Growth: Opportunities to enhance teaching skills in emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

  5. Home-School Connection: Tools for parent involvement, supporting the child’s emotional learning journey.

  6. Customizable Resources: Adaptable lesson plans and activities for diverse classroom needs.

  7. Full-Year Planning: A structured year-long plan providing stability and consistency.

  8. Community and Environment Building: Fosters an inclusive, emotionally supportive classroom community.

  9. Engagement and Effectiveness: Engaging content that keeps students interested. 

  10. Report Card Assistance: Streamlines report card writing with insightful, ready-to-use comments on students' self-regulation progress.

The Self-Regulation Package from Sweet Little Learners is not just a teaching aid; it’s a transformative tool for educators, providing everything needed to nurture and assess emotional and social growth in students.


    Grade Levels

    Kindergarten and Homeschool



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    80 pages