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Winter Inquiry and Activity Package - Kindergarten and Grade One Montessori 25 Activities


🌈 Introducing our Winter Bundle, specially designed for preschool and kindergarten learners (ages 3-6). Packed with vibrant activities and worksheets, this Montessori-friendly bundle guarantees a ton of fun!

❄️ 100 Pages with 25 Different Kinds of Activities: Immerse your little ones in the wonders of winter with our extensive collection of 100 pages, offering a variety of engaging activities and worksheets. With 25 different types of activities, there's something exciting for everyone!

❄️ All Learning Areas Covered: Our comprehensive bundle covers all essential learning areas, including language, math, practical life, science, and sensorial development. Prepare your child for success with a well-rounded educational experience. Here's a sneak peek at what's included:

• Winter Scene Photograph Matching: Connect winter scenes with corresponding photographs, building observation and matching skills.

• Ranking Winter Colors: Explore color concepts by ranking and sorting winter hues.

• Winter Go-Togethers: Foster critical thinking skills by matching winter-related objects that belong together.

• Beginning Sounds: Strengthen phonemic awareness by identifying beginning sounds in winter-themed words.

• Winter Pattern Matching: Develop pattern recognition skills by matching winter patterns.

• Missing Tree Numbers: Practice number sequencing and recognition by filling in missing tree numbers.

• Snowflake Pinprick: Enhance fine motor skills by creating intricate snowflake designs with pinpricks.

• Life Cycle of a Penguin: Explore the fascinating life cycle of penguins, nurturing curiosity and knowledge.

• Snowflake Cutting Strips: Foster scissor skills and hand-eye coordination by cutting along snowflake lines.

• Mitten Lacing Card: Boost fine motor skills with a fun lacing activity featuring cozy mittens.

• Pinecone Counting: Practice counting and number sense with adorable pinecone-themed counting activities.

• Rhyming Riddles: Engage in rhyming fun and develop language skills with winter-themed riddles.

• Winter Pattern Strips: Continue pattern recognition with visually appealing winter pattern strips.

• Winter Plant or Animal?: Encourage critical thinking by determining if objects are plants or animals in a winter context.

• Winter Living or Non-Living?: Explore the concept of living and non-living things within a winter setting.

• Winter Size Sorting Jars: Enhance understanding of size concepts by sorting winter objects into jars of different sizes.

• Winter or Summer?: Differentiate between winter and summer items in an engaging sorting activity.

• Winter Counting: Strengthen counting skills with winter-themed counting exercises.

• Winter Silhouettes: Foster visual discrimination skills by matching winter-themed silhouettes.

• Winter Drive: Embark on a winter drive, identifying and matching vehicles in a winter scene.

• Surviving Winter: Hibernate or Migrate?: Explore animal adaptations during winter by determining if animals hibernate or migrate.

• Winter Subtraction: Introduce subtraction concepts with winter-themed subtraction activities.

• Winter Item Color Matching: Practice color recognition by matching winter objects to their corresponding colors.

• Winter Halves: Develop symmetry awareness by matching winter images to their corresponding halves.

Experience the magic of winter while nurturing your child's learning journey with our captivating Winter Bundle!