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Kindergarten MEGA Inquiry BUNDLE : Exploring Play Based Learning from First Day to Graduation

$88.78 $118.00


Sweet Little Learners' Comprehensive Inquiry-Themed Bundle

We are excited to offer this BUNDLE as it takes you from the first day to the last day of kindergarten!

What's Inside?
  • 16 Themed Inquiry Units: Each unit has been thoughtfully designed to explore diverse topics, from understanding the significance of personal names to investigating the beauty of Earth Day. Whether it’s the thrill of bugs or the festivity of Easter, these units are guaranteed to make learning a delightful experience.

All About My Name: Kickstart the academic year by delving into the story behind every child’s name.

Insect and Bugs Inquiry: Turn your classroom into a mini eco-system of wonders.

I Spy Halloween: A delightful morning activity to spark curiosity.

Halloween Trio: Comprising of a general activity package, specialized centres, and a mathematical Jack o' Lantern construction project.

Winter Wonderland: 25 diverse activities perfect for cold winter mornings.

St. Patrick's Day Numeracy and Literacy Centres: Blend learning with the luck of the Irish!

Easter Exploration: Dive into both general and mathematical activities related to the festive season.

In My Garden Inquiry: A breath of fresh spring air, designed to explore the budding world.

Earth Day Investigation: Crafted to instill a love for our planet.

Mother's & Father's Day Inquiries: A full week of gratitude, lessons, and activities.

Summer FUN Inquiry: Wind down the school year with some sunny vibes.

Graduation Inquiry: Celebrate achievements with a week of reflection and joy.

Why Purchase?
  • Comprehensive Learning: No more last-minute prep!

  • Adaptability: Whether you're looking for morning work, whole group lessons, or independent activities, this bundle caters to diverse teaching methods.

  • Engagement: Fun and interactive, every unit is designed to captivate students' interests by being play based driven.

  • Value for Money: Purchasing these as a bundle ensures you receive more content at a fraction of individual unit costs.