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Kindergarten & Primary Music Lesson Plans for the Entire Year: Engaging Music Activities, Games, and Songs for Young Learners


Embark on a melodious educational voyage with "Kindergarten & Primary Music Plans for the Entire Year." This comprehensive digital guide, tailored for both kindergarten and primary grade educators, is your hassle-free ticket to teaching music with passion, precision, and panache. Across its vast span, the guide encompasses all you'll need for a year's worth of immersive musical lessons, all at your fingertips.

Delve into the heart of seven captivating 'BIG IDEA' units, each equipped with five elaborate, step-by-step lesson plans, including materials lists and extension activities. Transform every classroom session into a captivating musical exploration.

Units & Big Ideas:

  1. Introduction to Different Musical Instruments: Begin by ushering young minds into the vast world of musical instruments.
  2. Learning Simple Rhythms: Captivate with the essence of music, teaching rhythms via delightful clapping and animated movements.
  3. Singing Familiar Songs and Nursery Rhymes: Reconnect with timeless melodies that are bound to strike a chord in every heart.
  4. Exploring Different Genres of Music: Set sail on a musical voyage across time, encompassing classical, jazz, and world music.
  5. Learning Basic Music Notation: Transform complex symbols into enchanting sounds, all through interactive gaming experiences.
  6. Music Through Storytelling and Dramatic Play: Merge tales and tunes, crafting a comprehensive understanding of music.
  7. Discovering Musical Cultures from Around the World: Embark on a global expedition, immersing students in diverse rhythms and melodies.

Why Embrace "Kindergarten & Primary Music Plans for the Entire Year"?

Music is the universal language, and with this guide, you're not merely teaching notes but also imparting values of harmony, diversity, and rhythm. Additional features include:

  • Blank Lesson Plan Template: Adaptable and flexible, ensuring each lesson can be tailored to your specific class's needs.
  • Read Alouds: Narratives intertwined with musical elements, deepening students' appreciation for music.
  • Report Card Comments: Reflect on the musical milestones achieved with pre-crafted comments, each harmonizing with the units' goals.


⏱️ Minimal Prep, Loads of Fun: Our resource is designed to be low-prep, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging and hands-on activities. Enjoy a wealth of play-based and interactive experiences that make learning music a joyful adventure.

Elevate your kindergarten music lessons with our "Music in Kindergarten" resource. Bring the magic of music into your classroom and create a harmonious learning environment today!

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PreK - K and Grade ONE


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Activities, Printables, and Lesson

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