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Complete Fall Inquiry Set and Lessons for Pre-K and Kindergarten: Learning Pack for Homeschool and In-School Settings


🍂 Welcome to FALL! 🍂

Get ready for a 🌟 comprehensive learning experience 🌟 with our complete Fall Inquiry Set designed specifically for kindergarten learners. This digital download includes 136 PDF pages 📚 for printing, planning, worksheets, and cut-out sheets. 🖨️

⭐ Circle Time & Center Activities Planning ğŸŽª ⭐ Learning Goals 📝 ⭐ Day-by-day planning 📅 ⭐ Literacy, Math, Science, Fine Motor Activities Printable Resources ğŸŽ¯

Lessons and a Week at a Glance 📓

Science 🔬, Literacy 📖, Numeracy 🔢, Social Studies 🌍

🔸 We recommend laminating pages for multiple uses ♻️ and using a dry erase marker for written tasks ✍️.

Welcome the fall season with open arms and embrace the magic of learning! 🍁🍃 Our Fall Inquiry Set provides you with everything you need to create an engaging and interactive learning environment for your kindergarten learners. Let the colorful leaves and crisp air inspire curiosity, exploration, and growth in your classroom or homeschool setting. 🏫🏡

Grade Levels

PreK - K


Balanced Literacy, Math, Arts & Music, and science

Resource Type

Activities, Printables, and Lesson

Formats Included