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Kindergarten and Grade ONE HALLOWEEN ACTIVITY BOOK- 44 pages of SPOOKY FUN


Introducing our Independent Early Finisher Halloween Theme Package - the perfect solution to keep your little ones engaged and learning during the Halloween season! Packed with 44 Halloween-themed worksheets, this ready-to-print resource is designed to provide independent activities for early finishers.

πŸŽƒ 11 Pages for No Prep Coloring and Puzzle Activities: Let their creativity shine with Halloween characters coloring pages and enjoy brain-teasing fun with activities like shadow matching games. These engaging worksheets are perfect for fostering concentration and artistic expression.

πŸ‘» 17 Pages for No Prep Math Activities (Numbers 1-10): Enhance numeracy skills with exciting math activities focusing on numbers 1-10. Your students will enjoy tasks such as "count and graph the shapes" and "solve the addition problem and color by answers." These worksheets promote number recognition, counting, and basic addition concepts.

πŸ•·οΈ 16 Pages for No Prep Alphabet and CVC Word Activities: Boost literacy skills with alphabet and CVC word activities. Encourage letter formation and recognition with worksheets like "write the missing uppercase letters," and foster phonics development with tasks like "match the beginning sound." These activities lay a solid foundation for early reading and writing skills.

Our Independent Early Finisher Halloween Theme Package is designed to provide meaningful and engaging activities for those who complete their work ahead of time. These worksheets require no additional preparation, making them an ideal choice for easy implementation.

πŸŽƒ Elevate your classroom during the Halloween season!


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