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51 page activity package EASTER MATH and Numeracy Skills Kindergarten- Grade 1


Introducing our delightful Easter-themed 51-Activity Package, specially designed to engage and educate kindergarten learners! This egg-citing resource is packed with a variety of colourful activities that cover essential numeracy skills, offering a well-rounded learning experience with adorable bunnies and chicks.

🐰 Counting Numbers to 20: Reinforce number recognition and counting skills with our egg-cellent counting numbers to 20 activities. Children will enjoy tracing numbers, identifying what comes before and after, arranging numbers in sequence, and exploring odd and even numbers with the help of cute bunnies and chicks.

🔍 Match the Shadows: Promote visual discrimination and critical thinking with our bunny and chick match the shadows activity. Children will have a hoppy time matching objects with their corresponding shadows, enhancing their observation skills and spatial awareness.

📊 Count and Graph: Encourage data collection and graphing skills with our Easter-themed count and graph activity. Children will count bunnies, chicks, and other festive objects, and use the provided graph to record their findings, fostering numeracy skills and data interpretation.

➕➖ Addition and Subtraction Coloring Activity: Engage children in an egg-citing addition and subtraction coloring activity. They will solve simple math problems with the help of bunnies and chicks, and use the answers to determine the colors to fill in the Easter-themed coloring pages, reinforcing basic arithmetic skills.

ğŸŽ¨ Coloring Pages, Symmetry, Dot Marker, Connect the Dots: Spark creativity and artistic expression with our Easter-themed coloring pages, symmetry exercises, dot marker activities, and connect the dots challenges. Children will enjoy bringing bunnies, chicks, and other Easter elements to life while enhancing fine motor skills, visual perception, and cognitive abilities.

🔄 Laminate for Reuse: Maximize the longevity of these charming Easter activities by laminating them. This ensures durability and allows for repeated use, making them perfect for centers or independent work. Simply wipe them clean and they're ready for more Easter fun with bunnies and chicks!

💡 Versatile Learning Opportunities: With a wide range of Easter-themed activities, this package offers versatility in both classroom and homeschool settings. Use them for whole-class instruction, small group work, independent practice, or learning centers, adding a festive touch to your Easter celebrations.

🌟 Elevate Numeracy Skills with Easter Joy: Our Easter-themed 51-Activity Package provides a comprehensive and delightful collection of resources to enhance numeracy skills in kindergarten learners. Watch as children develop a strong foundation in number recognition, counting, graphing, and basic arithmetic, all while celebrating Easter with adorable bunnies and chicks.

🐣 Hop into Easter Learning: Explore our Easter-themed 51-Activity Package today! Click here to access a basket full of stimulating activities that promote mathematical thinking and create an enjoyable Easter learning experience with bunnies, chicks, and colourful Easter elements.


Grade Levels

PreK - 1st and Homeschool


Math and Numbers


K.CC.C.7, K.CC.A.2, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4, and K.CC.C.6

Resource Type

Homeschool Curricula, Activities, and Printables

Formats Included



51 pages